Book Review: Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth

My relationship with food, like many people’s, has been spotty. Particularly as a kid who grew up preferring the comfort of a book than running around outside and has had thyroid problems for as long as I can remember, my weight has always been an insecurity of mine – even now, when I’m on what many would consider to be the skinnier side of my size.

I heard about this book on Oprah’s Super Soul Podcast (my go-to podcast for whenever I need some wisdom or a change of perspective). Essentially, Roth’s thesis is that how we treat food is a microcosm of how we treat life. She treats her reader with a bit of tough love, but also heaps of understanding and kindness. It’s a short read and a great change of perspective if you’re struggling with food, compulsive and/or binge eating, or have a history of disordered eating. Or if you just wish you could have a healthier relationship with food.

Roth has a long history with meditation, spiritual practices, and psychology and has been running a retreat for women dealing with compulsive eating habits for many years and she’s able to share a lot of personal anecdotes that make this book a lot more compelling than your traditional self-help book. The only thing I disliked was that it was in large print which, more than anything, just made me feel like I was reading a book meant for women past a certain age.

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