The Lazy Girl’s Cool Hair

Most days, I don’t even bother with my hair. My usual game is to roll out of bed, douse my head in some texture spray, and rock the messy, “is that real bedhead?” look. But now that I’m a working girl in an office and everything, I feel like I should make an effort with my hair on some days.

This styling is super simple and utilizes things that you probably either have or can easily substitute. It’s not revolutionary by any means, but it shows you that semi-polished, cool girl hair doesn’t have to take a lot. Also, if you’re growing out bangs like I am, I have a potentially helpful tip!


Here we are, fresh bedhead.


I started out with some Batiste dry shampoo since this was second day hair and could use a bit of volume and {tszuj/shuzz/schuzz}.


Sectioned my hair in an upper and lower layer and using my GHDs to create some waves. I prefer curling my hair with this as opposed to a wand because it gives a looser feel. I’m doing one full 360 degree turn with the iron to make a curl in about the middle of the hair, holding it for a few seconds, and then pulling it through the rest of my hair quickly. This way it gives some definition but doesn’t create a ringlet.


Let down the top layer and find your preferred parting.


And pull out your unruly demon bangs.

IMG_1660.JPGI’m straightening my bangs, curling the iron slightly under so they don’t poke outwards.


Make an attractive face as you spray the bangs with hairspray. DON’T TOUCH THEM. SPRAY THEM AND LET THEM SIT. THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS.


Continue waving the rest of your hair.


Very lightly brush through the bangs. They should stay in place now without flying all over.


Spray liberally with IGK Down and Out dirty spray, the only styling product worth owning.



Flip your head upside down for a final touch et voila!

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