How I’m Planning for the Year

Better late than never on a planning post, eh? Besides, let’s be gung-ho about our planners for longer than the first week of the new year. DSC_0013
I bought my day planner last summer and I am obsessed with it. It’s beautiful, it makes me happy, and it has plenty of space. I use it for my day-to-day planning – tasks, workouts, appointments, etc. It has a monthly layout which I use for important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) but I also copy those onto my monthly clipboard calendar I keep on my desk which, by the way, was the best aesthetically pleasing $3 spent at Target. DSC_0015DSC_0016

I talked about my bullet journal in this post, but I’ll go over it again here. I prefer my day planner for planning my days and weeks. I find that the flexibility of the bullet journal – the ability to skip over certain days or weeks – actually kills my productivity, as I won’t schedule myself to do anything or I’ll get lazy/confused. Instead, I use my bullet journal for more longterm planning, habit tracking, brain dumps, and general to-do lists. DSC_0018

Blog and video ideas and planning also find a home in here.


I am the worst at keeping a budget but…I try. DSC_0022DSC_0025

Then come the accessory planners. The left one is not so much a planner as it is a journal/workbook. I’ve been trying to do one exercise out of this book before I start writing for the day. Since I work in an office job three days a week now and save my other days for my personal, more creative work, I’m hoping that this helps to hone my mind. The book on the right (link isn’t the same unfortunately; I couldn’t find this one!) is a fitness planner/tracker which I’ve been using both to track my workouts/progress (also my weight/measurements since I’m on a leeeeetle bit of a cut) but also to work on my relationship with my food and body. It includes daily entries for gratitude and inspiration and also places to evaluate your workout, mood, and energy. I really appreciate the more holistic approach to health and fitness reflecting in this journal allows me.

So that’s it for my planner system – for now at least! I realize it might be a bit extra, but I enjoy being extra. Do you use planners and is there a gamechanger you’ve found? Let me know!

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