How to Work Your Side Hustle

I’m trying to become more comfortable with the idea of hustling. While I was in college, my parents emphasized focusing on school and doing my best to kill it there – so I guess I’m used to hustling, just in the academic sense. But now that I’m on my own, I’m trying to be more adjusted to working for furthering my own goals rather than to meet the standards of someone else.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m working part time and using my off days to focus on other endeavors (namely, writing this blog but I’m also planning on doing workshops, taking classes, and auditioning). But my parents, who lovingly home me, also see my off days as opportunities for me to pick up the slack on errands – which I don’t mind, but it does tend to interfere with my own plans. But I’m trying to be more flexible and prioritize my needs.

Right now, my schedule looks like this. Ideally, it would look something like this:

But life isn’t that convenient, is it?

I think the biggest obstacle to overcome is that you side hustle might not get the large swaths of time you feel it deserves. It needs to be nestled in between the other stuff that life demands. Which makes it even more imperative that your side hustle is something that you’re passionate about and enjoy doing – otherwise it’s never going to get done. It’s not an interesting story how I got here, but I’m writing this in a Starbucks an hour away from home after walking down a highway in freezing weather with two layers of pants on. I’m getting the work done where I can, not where I’d necessarily choose.

Something else to remember is that your side hustle is important. It might not be paying the bills (or you’re lucky and it is!), it might not get a lot of traction, and no one might even recognize that you’re doing it. But if you think it’s important, then it’s worth doing. And don’t be afraid to tell people what you’re doing. Not only will this help to validate all the work you put into your side hustle, it might even make your parents more reluctant to fill your off days with endless trips to the post office and dry cleaners. Mine haven’t gotten to that point yet, but a girl can dream.

Essentially, my goal for my side hustle is the same as everything else in my life: just do the damn thing. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to happen.

And happy Friday, everyone! Hoping to be a bit more caught up on the posts for next week, so wish me luck for an excess of productivity sitting in this Starbucks.

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