Birthday Beauty Haul

My birthday was nearly a month ago, but it’s never too late to brag on the internet what you got, right?


Only the perfumes were actually gifts and they were two that I explicitly told my family I wanted; the rest was purchased with a Blue Mercury gift card in preparation for the colder months ahead (#winteriscoming #doyouhatemeyet).

I have been lusting over Diptyque Philosykos for a while, probably since I made my first Diptyque candle* purchase a few years ago and smelled it at the counter. I could never justify it though because of its price and the lack of room in my perfume collection. I say this like I can now justify the addition, as if my perfume collection is smaller. It’s not. It’s only grown. But I love this perfume. It’s straight fig, but not like an air freshener fig – it’s got a bit of green to it, which I think makes it a wonderful year-round fragrance.

The other perfume I received is Jo Malone Orange Blossom. I am a devoted Jo Malone stan, although I tend to veer from the classically floral fragrances. Although it is very floral to the nose, it’s got the similar kind of fresh or greenness that Philosykos has (although the fragrances themselves I would not consider similar) that saves you from smelling like you rolled around in a garden. My other Jo Malone fragrances are quite unique on their own, so this is the only that I’ve tried layering (with Assam & Grapefruit) and I quite liked the result.

Okay, enough perfume nerding. Onto skincare.

I can’t really tell you why I gravitated so much for Kiehl’s. I’ve used Kiehl’s for a while and I do really enjoy all of the products that I’ve tried, but none of them have become holy grail for me. Let’s face it: Kiehl’s is incredibly good at what they do, but nothing is terribly exciting. The Ultra Facial Toner is a repurchase for me, although I can’t remember what I liked about it and only that I liked it. I upgraded to the Ultra Facial Cream from the Moisturizer as I’m not planning on cracking into this until the colder months. (Actually, none of these skincare products will be opened until I’m back at school to finish up for the fall semester.)

Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil was a new discovery and I thought this would be a good foray into the brand based on the reviews I read. It’s very thin, almost watery/serum-like for an oil, so probably a good one for morning and night application.

Mario Badescu Facial Mist, because I like facial mists but don’t like paying a lot for them.

Sorry for the perfume and beauty post if that’s not your cup of tea. I’ll be back with something of decent substance next.

*On an unrelated note for fellow Diptyque (wannabe) enthusiasts: Philosykos and Figuier smell exactly the same to me and they are often sold together as a set; of course, Diptyque is so selective about their personal fragrances that I understand why they wouldn’t want to share the name between the perfume/toilette and candle/room spray. Also, I don’t buy Diptyque candles on the reg. They burn beautifully and last for ages and the fragrance is strong in the best way, but I don’t think they are worth buying exclusively. Nice for a treat and when I finally move into a new place, I will most certainly be christening it with Figuier once more.

by Sabrina

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