The Lazy Girl’s Breakfast

I adore breakfast. In my perfect life, I make a living doing comedy, I have a Boston Terrier/pug hybrid named Pancakes, and I have a leisurely, elaborate breakfast every morning. Also, I’m not gluten intolerant and I have abs all day long instead of just in the morning before I eat. But I’m trying to be a little realistic here.

Some people can skip breakfast and operate totally fine. That is not me. If I don’t eat within 2 hours of waking up, I am a hanger monster. And I like a super filling breakfast that keeps me satiated until I’m ready to eat a lunch that inevitably includes an avocado (add “endless avocado supply” to my perfect life list).

Overnight oats are nothing new, but if you haven’t tried them, I seriously suggest it for those of you that also need a filling breakfast to keep going but struggle with a lot of time in the morning. I used to hate overnight oats – I thought they were truly disgusting. But I’ve found a few adjustments and alterations that make them really delicious, so I thought I would give you a rundown and my favorite recipe.


Ready for the super secret recipe?

Equal parts oats and yogurt with a little bit of almond milk. I usually do a half cup of oats and yogurt. Sometimes a little less yogurt.

Made you think I have an actual recipe, right? Lol, I am the queen of eyeballing. I do have a few suggestions to optimize your overnight oats though.

Tips and Tricks

  • I prefer using yogurt for my overnight oats instead of a milk. I find the consistency better and way more palatable than eating what feels like cold oatmeal. I use a little bit of cashew or almond milk if things look too thick or aren’t meshing enough, but by using yogurt you sort of get a whole new kind of meal instead of a take on oatmeal.
  • On another yogurt point, I find Greek yogurt works best.  It’s thick enough so that it doesn’t turn to complete mush. I hate mushy food. I used a pot of skyr that I had lying around, which works well also but it’s more expensive and I usually buy a big tub of Greek yogurt.IMG_0875
  • Quick cooking oats are your friend. They have less fiber and usually aren’t as satisfying to me when I cook them, but they work so much better for this than normal rolled oats as they accept the liquid more readily.
  • Find your flavor profile. I am the self-proclaimed coconut slut, so there will always be coconut added in. The toppings basically make the oats, so I usually end up having an equal split between oats and additions. Normally I use coconut, chia seed, some kind of nut, berry, and sweet element. For this jar, I used chia, pecans, a bit of trail mix, coconut, and straight-up Hershey’s chocolate because I was out of cacao nibs and sometimes you just have to ruin your decently healthy breakfast for the sake of chocolate. IMG_0883
  • Please, don’t forget sweetener. Who are the monsters of this world that can eat unsweetened oatmeal? You are an abomination. I usually go for agave or maple syrup depending on what we have around because it blends in much better.

And the best part of overnight oats? Shaking your breakfast like a macarena.

by Sabrina

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