Book Review: Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown

Year after year that I move past 18, I am increasingly apparent of my mortal coil. And with my birthday fast-approaching, I can’t resist yelling at people, “I’M AGING.”

I get it, I’m still young. But I need to start transitioning out of the “Mom help me fill out this tax form” phase to the “Almost can use a fax machine” phase.

I’ve had Kelly Williams Brown’s book Adulting on my shelf since freshman year of college when I picked it up at Urban Outfitters. Freshman year of college, synonymously a time when I was broke and needed to learn some adult money managing skills ASAP. Well, they didn’t come that quickly. Probably because I didn’t actually dive into this book until last week.

In terms of gentle introductions into the adulting world, this book is a great start. I did not feel judged like I did by my least favorite self-help book (I’m looking at you, F*ck Feelings) and everything was broken down into steps that I could flag or highlight when I felt like I might need to return to them in the near future. I was even inspired to make a budget, albeit the most basic of ones. Also, at the time of this writing, I have no income and have only spent money on food. Not a good start, but a start nonetheless.

If you’re going to buy a book like this, don’t. Well, I do like buying books because I believe in supporting authors, but be a financially responsible adult and borrow it from the library. Libraries are free and wonderful places. My boyfriend got a library card last week and I was so proud of him. Don’t frown on libraries. Sometimes they even have cool cafes in them! Okay, I realize that’s another source of spending money. So don’t go your library just because they have a cafe.

by Sabrina

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